Who we are

A not for profit organisation and Scottish Charity we are also a Registered Social Landlord. As one of the largest providers of housing and support services for older people in Scotland with just over 5400 properties and a range of services, our customers extend far and wide.

Our Vision - A Scotland where people of all ages are respected, can make their own choices, and are able to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission - To improve the quality of life of older people by offering a diverse range of housing, care and other services.

Our Values -
Caring - We have a passion for supporting each other.
Honesty - We are open, fair, just and act with integrity.
Equality and Diversity - We deal with all people equally and celebrate diversity.
Dignity - We treat all individuals with respect.
Inclusion - We involve our people in what we do because their opinions matter.
Ambition - We want to be the best at what we do and we want our people to realise their potential.

Governed by a Board of Management and supported by the Senior Management Team we have strong foundations on which to continue for many years to come. Documents relating to governance are available here

If you are interested in becoming a member of Bield, please request an application from Clare Beesley, Governance & Administration Manager at ceadmin@bield.co.uk.  Our Membership Policy can be found here.  

Meet some of our our key people below.

Ms. Patricia Dawson

Board Member - Elected September 2017

Mrs. Ingirid Deuling

Board Member - Elected September 2006

Dr. Lynne Douglas

Chief Executive

Mr. Robert Fernie

Vice-Chair - September 2018

Board Member - Elected September 2017

Dr. Lesley Holdsworth

Lesley Holdsworth

Chair of Bield - March 2020

Board Member - Elected September 2015

Ms. Val Hunter

Director of Business Development

Diana Maclean

Director of Customer Experience

Director of Customer Experience - SMT

Ms. Isabel McGarvie

Chair of Performance and Audit Committee – September 2019

Board Member - Elected September 2017

Ms. Margaret Moore

Vice-Chair  – March 2020

Board Member - Elected September 2018

Ms. Susan Napier

Chair of Bield - September 2016

Board Member - Elected September 2014

Mr. Gerry O'Sullivan

Board Member - Elected September 2010

Paula Rice

Director of Finance & Resources

Director of Finance & Resources – SMT

Mr. David Scobie

Board Member - Elected September 2012

Ms. Moira Sibbald

Chair of Remuneration Committee – September 2019

Board Member - Elected September 2017

Mr. William Smalley

Board Member - Elected September 2015