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There are times that we will get things wrong, and customers are not happy with the service we provide. It is important that we make it easy for customers to tell us when things go wrong, so that we can put it right.

As an organisation committed to providing high-quality customer services, we see customer complaints as a valuable source of customer information that can help us improve our services. 

We want our customers to have confidence that we listen, learn and take prompt action to put matters right when they go wrong.

You can make a complaint:

  • In person to any staff member
  • Telephoning one of our offices
  • Completing the form below 
  • Emailing 

We follow the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman model complaint handling procedure.

A copy of our complaints procedures is available in the resources section of the site - click here to access.



Please read our Privacy & Cookies Notice to find out how we handle your personal information when you submit a complaint to us.

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