COVID-19 - Latest Information

Here you will find the latest information for our Customers related to COVID-19. This includes including latests news, and Frequently Asked Questions on topics such as our response to COVID-19, changes to our developments and contact information.


Frequently Asked Questions

The link below provides responses to some questions you may have about COVID-19 and what you should do as you are living in a property either owned or managed by Bield.


COVID-19 - Latest News and Information

The following articles provide the latest news and information provided by Bield, to our customers.

We advise everyone to make themselves familiar with the Scottish Government advice on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic: FACTS.

Email hello@...

In order to protect Bield’s staff, customers and visitors, offices will be closed to visitors until further notice. If you require assistance please contact:

Telephone: 0131 273 4000

I wanted to reassure you that we are following Government advice to shield our vulnerable Bield community but we need your help to avoid us having to take stronger action. Please ensure that...