Evening Services at Whitehill Court, Kirkintilloch

Whitehill Court runs an Evenings and Outings Service from 5pm-9pm on three different evenings per week. Not only does it support those with a diagnosis of dementia to socialise in the evenings and maybe try things or visit places they would not normally go to, it also gives carers a break. This service can be combined with a day at Whitehill Court Day Care.

Whitehill Court also runs "Mary's Kitchen" - a restaurant set up within the Day Care facility enabling people to enjoy a meal with family and friends in familiar surroundings with staff they know. This is usually open 2 evenings per month and booking is recommended!

For more information about either service, contact Whitehill Court local team on Tel: 0141 775 2167 or email: WhitehillCourt-D@bield.co.uk