Lateral Flow Tests

Lateral flow testing is a new tool being used to help detect and fight COVID-19. To undertake a lateral flow test, you will use a LFD Lateral Flow Device (LFD). We know that between one in four and one in three people who have coronavirus never show any symptoms, but that does not mean they are not infectious.

Results from these tests are available in under an hour and can help identify people who have high levels of virus, who do not have symptoms and would otherwise not be coming forward for a test. This will also  help give confidence to colleagues and customers that we are doing everything we can to control the virus.

Any time lost due to testing or following up test results will be paid at the normal rate of pay. Colleagues will not be financially disadvantaged if a postive test is returned. 

Bield very much view the introduction and roll out of rapid testing to Social Care as extremely positive.  Staff testing is not mandatory but it is encouraged; It is there to protect colleagues, customers, the people we care for and all our families.

Guidance for all colleagues is available here.

Guidance for managers is available here.


Lateral Testing FAQs

How to take a lateral flow test