Advice form the money saving expert – Martin Lewis

Find out if you are eligible to claim up to £3,000-a-year in pension credits after it was revealed over a million senior citizens are missing out on the benefits.

Over 75’s have the opportunity to claim a variety of different benefits worth up to £3,000-a-year in pension credits.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has urged retirees to apply for the scheme immediately before free TV licenses for over 75’s are axed at the beginning of next month.

Lewis has stated retirees are entitled to the government scheme if they live in the UK and earn less than £173.75-a-week as a single person, or £265.20 as a couple.

The range of savings may include £1,000-a-year council tax, £1,300-a-year in gas bills, as well as £140 warm home discount, a £215 optician’s voucher, and even free dental care and free a TV license.

However, the money saving guru has warned pensioners to act fast with free TV licenses only being available to over 75’s if their households receive pension credits from August 1 – being eligible is no longer just enough.

To find out more about whether you are eligible to claim these benefits contact the claims line on 0800 99 1234.