Bield Leaders Support For World Mental Health Day 2019

Individuals and organisations around the world were urged to get involved in order to break the silence that exists around mental health.

Senior managers at one of Scotland's leading housing and care providers signed up to the initiative to help its organisation spot and address workplace mental health problems.

Bield's Leadership Team underwent a day of speciality training as part of the World Federation for Mental Health’s ‘World Mental Health Day’ on October 10.

In support of World Mental Health Day 2019, Bield took the opportunity to increase awareness of mental health issues in the workplace by equipping its leadership team with the skills and knowledge to have better conversations about mental health issues.

Carol Evans, Learning and Development Manager at Bield, works with employee relations service provider, Law at Work, to deliver customised staff training on a regular basis.

Carol said: “It’s critical that all of our managers feel confident having a conversation about mental health with the people they manage.

“Increasing their capability to spot signs and symptoms in their team, and feel confident in discussing this with those who are struggling will help stop problems before they become more challenging for employees.

“Making sure – through training - that our Leadership Team have the knowledge and confidence to tackle these issues is just one of the ways we can achieve this.”

“We have also recently invested in Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training for a smaller group of employees which will help ensure that we can best support our employees at work.”

Bield has been providing high quality housing and related services in Scotland for nearly 50 years, promoting a ‘Free to Be’ ethos that allows older people to live independent lives with help on hand.

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