Bield staff clock up 405 years’ service at golden AGM

Dedicated members of staff have been recognised at a housing providers 50th Annual General Meeting for their service to improve the lives of Scotland’s older population.

25 members of staff at Bield Housing and Care have been honoured for their hard work and dedication at the recent AGM, whilst clocking up 405 years’ service between them.

Staff, Board members and customers joined the virtual AGM to discuss transformational changes which have occurred throughout the year.

22 members of staff, including Agnes Chisholm, Alison Allan, Andrew Barclay, Ann Sweeney, Anne Murphy, Christine Wood, Eleanor Milne, Fiona Webster, Helen Halcrow, Jacqueline Brown, Jacqueline Campbell, Joanne Spiers, Kim Bell, Laura Mulholland, Linda Adam, Linsay Culley, Lisa Guilianotti, Malcolm Gilmartin, Margaret Cormack, Marie McLoughlin, Pauline Newman and Sandra McShane were presented with 15 years of long service.

Additionally, Deborah Gray, Irene Baxter and June McCairn were presented with 25 years of service.

The individuals recognised work right across the organisation in areas including Owner Services, Retirement Housing and Customer Standards Officers.

Dr Lynne Douglas said: “Without the consistent and committed hard work of our staff, we wouldn’t have been able to achieved as much as we have as a leading housing and care provider over the past 50 years.

“The loyalty and hard work exhibited by those recognised at our AGM is at the heart of what we do here at Bield. Without our dedicated staff, we simply couldn’t provide the commitment that we do.

“It’s a privilege to present so many staff members with long service awards and even more so to call them my colleagues.”

Bield has been providing high quality housing and related services in Scotland for 50 years, promoting a ‘Free to Be’ ethos that allows older people to live independent lives with help on hand.

Bield is a registered charity dedicated to providing flexible housing solutions and support for older people.