Covid-19 Update

Bield is undertaking a series of risk assessments to open as many communal spaces as possible. We are committed to opening as much communal space and opportunities to interact as we emerge from Level 3 restrictions. Covid continues to be a real threat, so please be careful and cautious.

Covid restrictions are easing today for all of our customers, excluding Glasgow, as we move into level 2 restrictions. Many simple joys will be returning as we partially open our dining areas, lounges and hairdressers. Covid is still a real threat, so please be careful and cautious.

As restrictions lift for most customers , we may have outstanding repairs for your property due to Covid. Please understand that we are working as fast as we can with our contractors. Your repair matters to us, and we will make it right-it may just take a little longer than normal.

Our journey begins again for all of the planned maintenance of your property. Covid may have temporarily stopped our plans for planned maintenance and investment works … but we are working with our partners and contractors to start the catch up on missed schedules. This could mean that some works may be delayed while we rearrange a suitable timeslot with contractors, but we will endeavour to get back on track as soon as possible!

Any questions can be directed to