Customer Update: Available Property Management services

Emergency Repairs

Our contractors are continuing to provide an Emergency repairs service. If a situation which you have reported previously has now become an emergency, please report it again, in the normal way, as soon as possible. This is where the outstanding repair situation has become unsafe, is posing a risk to your health or a risk to the safety of the property.

Essential Servicing Works

In consultation with our Contractors we are now starting to reschedule some Essential Servicing works within the external and communal areas of your development. For example; grounds maintenance, passenger lift & fire system inspection.  We will also schedule a limited amount of essential servicing works within your home, where essential, and with your permission. For example gas servicing & legionella sampling.

If a member of property staff or a contractor requires to attend your home, they will:

  • Ask some further questions at the front door before entering the property
  • Ask you to go into a different room/distance themselves by at least two metres from anyone in the property
  • Avoid touching surfaces where possible
  • Wear protective gloves and other additional protection equipment where necessary
  •  Ask you if they can wash their hands before and after the visit, if you are happy for them to do so

All staff and contractors are encouraged to keep up-to-date with the latest government health advice, follow good hygiene practice and to inform their manager if they feel unwell. Contractors must follow official advice and if anyone is suspected of having the virus, to self-isolate at home.

Our contractors also have to follow strict social distancing procedures, both to travel to site and whilst working.  This may mean that the range of tasks they are able to carry out safely are reduced or are provided over a longer period of time.

We kindly ask you to minimise interaction with our tradespeople as they carry out work in your home, the communal areas and grounds/gardens. To keep our colleagues safe, we would ask that you stand at least two metres away at all times.  All tradespeople will show you identification when they visit your home. Please check this and once you are satisfied, leave our tradespeople to carry out their work. Upon completion of the job, the tradespeople will advise you they have finished and are leaving, and they will see themselves out. By following these steps, we want to reassure you that there is a low risk of infection from a home visit by a staff member or contractor.

General updates

For updates please keep checking our website at and social media on Bield’s Facebook and Twitter pages or by contacting