Performance Report 2021

Bield’s Annual Performance Report from the period April 2020 to March 2021 is now live. The report sets out how Bield preformed against standards set out by the Scottish Government, reviewed by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

A brief over is detailed below. To read the full Tenant Performance Report visit:

Despite the pandemic having a large impact, we have continue to progress with critical services and make significant improvements throughout.

Performance is measured in two key ways:

  • How Bield compare to the Scottish average.
  • How Bield compare to similar landlords such as – Hanover (Scotland), Trust, Viewpoint and Blackwood Homes and Care.

Bield’s Profile…

The amount of rental income collected was down on last year’s report, £28.9m was collected this year compared to last reports £31.2m.

Tenant Satisfaction…

The tenant satisfaction for overall service this year was 84.10% - higher in comparison to similar landlords.

83.62% of people felt their tenant was good at keeping them informed about services and decisions, this was once again higher than when compared to similar landlords.

Quality & Maintenance…

99.70% of homes met the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

This is considerably higher than the Scottish average as well as when compared to similar landlords.

Despite all the Covid disruptions in the past year, 19 shower rooms and 31 kitchens were installed into flats, to name a small amount of the maintenance work carried out.

The average lenght of time to complete non-emergency repairs was down this year compared to last, but it was still nearly a day quicker than the Scottish average.

Neighbourhood & Community…

100% of antisocial behaviour cases were resolved by Bield this year, this is over 5% higher than the Scottish average. 90% of tenants said they felt secure and safe.

Getting good value from rents and service charge…

At the beginning of the first national lockdown, Bield suspended the letting of homes, other than for people experiencing homelessness this meant the % of rent lost through properties being empty in the last year was 5.90%.

Money Matters…

  • Turnover for the year was £41.3m.
  • Operating costs amounted to £37.31m.

It seems a great deal of money, but did you know?

  • Staff costs for the year amounted to just over £14.4m
  • We spent £4m on day-to-day repairs to properties
  • We spent £2.5m on planned maintenance, including major repairs.


All in all, it’s been another successful year at Bield Housing and Care, especially with the challenges the pandemic has thrown. Bield look forward to continuing to improve in the year ahead.