Tenants Strive for a Greener Gorebridge

Tenants at a retirement housing development in Midlothian are striving to make their local area a greener place to live.

Bield’s Emily Court in Gorebridge has joined forces with ‘Greening Gorebridge’ to help bring the community together and to get locals connecting with their surrounding environment.

Tenants were introduced to the initiative recently at a Bonfire Night dinner, where members of the ‘Greening Gorebridge’ project came to involve the residents in their Food Sharing and Circular Economy projects, by providing a meal to share and offering a creative workshop using otherwise wasted fabric. 

During the supper, tenants enjoyed a delicious North African squash and chickpea stew, followed by spiced pumpkin loaf.

The group were then offered to take part in a creative activity, including making Christmas tree-shaped decorations from fabric salvaged from an old worn out shirt and jeans.

Jaimie MacDonald, Circular Economy Co-ordinator at ‘Greening Gorebridge’, said: “We help minimise food waste through our soon to be launched community fridge, which will be in the ‘The Beacon’, right across the road from Emily Court.

“It will be open to everyone and we will run classes on how to cook simple and healthy meals from fridge donations that would otherwise go to waste.

“We had a good chat about the project at the Bonfire Night dinner and shared what we do in and for the local community in Gorebridge.”

Jessie Thorburn, Development Manager at Emily Court, said: “It was fantastic having the team from ‘Greening Gorebridge’ come down and speak with us. Everyone involved had a lovely evening and a good time.

“It’s important for us all to do our bit to make the area a little bit greener.”

‘Greening Gorebridge’ is a community project which aims to make everyday changes that will have a positive impact on the amount of carbon emissions produced. For more information visit http://gorebridge.org.uk/greening-gorebridge/

Emily Court is a Bield development for those aged 60 and over who wish to be able to retain their independence while having help on hand when needed.

Bield has been providing high quality housing and related services for older people in Scotland for more than 40 years.