What you can expect

A dedicated staff team

The team is based in our Edinburgh and Glasgow Offices.  Having a dedicated team ensures that services to Owners are tailored to meet their specific needs and are given the appropriate priority.

On site staff

At each development on site staff look after the day to day management of the development.  The Scheme Manager receives support and advice from the team in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Management Contract

We provide a management contract which is tailored to the specific needs of each development.  We regularly review contracts to take account of legislative changes and good practice.

Regular Visits

Each development is visited on a regular basis by our Owner Services Officers.  There is also a dedicated Property Officer for each development.  They meet on site with staff and contractors to ensure the development is running well.  Owners can arrange meetings with the Owner Services Officer or Property Officer as required.


An Owners Forum meets regularly to discuss general issues relating to the management of Owners Services housing within Bield.  Representatives from all developments generally attend these meetings.  In addition regular meetings are held to discuss development specific issues. 


Owners receive accounts which are independently audited together with futher detail on spending within their development.  All funds related to a development are held in a separate account and any expenditure is advised to owners.