Access to Information - Charging Policy

9th June 2016

This charging policy applies to information that is not publicly available via our website or available from publications which anyone can request from us.  This policy covers requests under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and the Data Protection Act (1998).

Allocation Policy

6th August 2015

CCTV Code of Practice

25th July 2016

Complaints Brochure

4th August 2015

A guide to our Complaints Procedure.

Complaints Handling Procedure

9th December 2015

A full copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure.

Data Protection Policy

18th August 2015

Equality and Diversity Leaflet

4th August 2015

Equality and Diversity Policy in Employment

18th August 2015

Equality and Diversity Strategy

18th August 2015

Health and Safety Policy Statement

18th August 2015

Hot Works Policy

18th August 2015

Membership Policy

18th December 2017

Openness and Confidentiality Policy

31st May 2016

Policy for Asbestos Containing Materials

18th August 2015

Procurement Strategy

16th December 2016

Procurement Strategy covering the period 2018-2023

Recruitment of Ex-offenders

18th August 2015

Recruitment Policy

30th May 2016

Rent Arrears Policy

18th August 2015

Rent Policy

30th November 2015