Tenant Leaflets

Adaptations to your Home

16th September 2015

Outlines the special equipment or adaptations which can be carried out in your home to increase your independence.

BR24 Sure Call

5th August 2015

BR24 now offer an automated reassurance telephone service that will make calls to your telephone or mobile phone.

It’s very easy to use and we will take you through the process step by step before we start the service for you.

Guest Room Brochure

20th September 2018

Rent Account - Payment Options and Responsibilities

5th August 2015

There are various payment methods available to pay you rent and other changes.  Read this leaflet to find the option which suits you best.

Right to Repair Scheme

7th December 2017

This leaflet provides information about the Right to Repair Scheme.

Significant Performance Failures

23rd September 2016

This factsheet is published by the Scottish Housing Regulator and provides information for tenants relating to Significant Performance Failures.  

Tenancy Agreement Changes

11th October 2018

This document explains changes to Scottish Secure Tenancy Rights made by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 which comes into effect in May and November 2019.

Tenant Engagement Report 2016-17

5th July 2017

Highlights the tenant engagement activities throughout 2016-17.

Tenant Handbook

28th February 2019

Our tenants helped us to design and develop this Handbook.  We hope you find it a great source of useful information.

The Tenant Handbook was produced in January 2019.

Tenants Guide to Organising Social Activities at Developments

27th November 2017

The aim of this booklet is to provide guidance to all those keen to get things started or help improve social activities at their development.