How to Report a Repair

Emergency / Urgent Repairs:

During office hours at your development you should report any repairs to your local manager.  If your development office is not open you should pull the cord in your home and tell Bield Response 24 what the problem is.  They will assess the situation and arrange for suitable help.

Please do not report an urgent repair online as submissions are only monitored during normal office hours.

Routine Repairs:

All routine repairs should be reported to your local manager.

For tenants living in non-staffed developments, during office hours all housing repairs can be reported to the Property Team on 0141 270 7200.  When outside of office hours, either use the pull cord in your home or phone Bield Response 24 on 0141 950 1025.

You can also tell us about a Routine repair online by completing information in the 'Report a repair' section. 

Access to carry out the repair:

When you report a repair it's important you let us know when the contractor can visit.  The more flexible you can be with access times, the greater the chance your repair can be done more quickly.