Repair Category

An outline of Repair Category and response times are provided below:

Emergency repairs

These are when you are put in danger by the fault or there could be serious damage to the property, such as burst pipes or electrical failures.
We aim to respond to emergency repairs within six hours of them being reported. 

Urgent repairs

These are repairs that if left unattended could cause danger to you or damage to the property.  Examples of these include over-flowing pipes, leaking taps or broken lighting.
We aim to complete all urgent repairs within three working days of them being reported.

Routine repairs

These are minor repairs and adjustments that do not pose a danger to you or damage to the property.  Some examples of these are minor external or plasterwork repairs, or adjustments to doors or windows.
We aim to complete all routine repairs within 20 working days of them being reported.

Your Right to Repair

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives you the right to have small, urgent repairs to be carried out by us within set timescales.  This is called the Right to Repair scheme, please click here to find out more.

Planned maintenance

These are works that we schedule in advance so we can tell you when these will take place.  We will always take into account safety, convenience and cost.  The scheduled works will vary depending on the type of development but, in general, we have four types of planned maintenance, these are:

  • Service Contracts
  • Cyclical Maintenance
  • Plant and Equipment Maintenance
  • Major Repairs